We offer Harvest Meal field trips for 2nd-5th grade students.  For Preschool-1st grade students we offer Fall Pumpkin Harvest and Spring Exploration field trips.

Fall Pumpkin Harvest and Spring Exploration for Preschool- 1st grade

This one and a half hour field trip gives younger students a chance to explore the farm using all their senses.  There are opportunities for harvesting and sampling produce from the fields.  Pumpkin Harvest field trips conclude in the pumpkin patch with  students picking a pumpkin to take home.  Spring Exploration field trips include a seed project to take home and plant.

Pumpkin Harvest field trips take place at The Farm at SOU in October.  Spring Exploration field trips take place at The Farm at SOU and at Wandering Roots Farm in Gold Hill, mid April to mid June.

Harvest Meals for 2nd-5th grade


In order to prepare students for a Harvest Meal farm field trip we offer a one hour classroom visit.  Staff will provide a sustainable food lesson and information on what to expect on the farm.

What to Expect on the Farm

In preparation for your upcoming visit we ask that you read through this information carefully.

Rogue Valley Farm to School coordinates with local farms to allow students to visit a working farm. We have agreements with each site that must be honored to ensure continued program availability. These guidelines have been developed with the safety of the children and the farmer’s crops in mind. We will review the following rules required of each visitor to all of our farm sites when your class arrives. They are:

  1. Watch where you step - even the smallest foot can damage seedlings and irrigation tubing.

  2. Ask before you pick anything - children will have the opportunity to harvest, but need to wait for instruction.

  3. Stay with your group - sometimes activities are spread out over a large area and we don’t want anyone getting lost.

  4. Respect the people, the farm and the food - tools are to be used with care and for their intended purpose. The produce is to be eaten and should be treated gently.

Sample Harvest Meal Schedule:

9:30-9:45 Welcome, Orientation

Split into Groups

9:45-10:20 Session 1

10:25-10:45 SNACK BREAK

10:50-11:25 Session 2

11:30-12:05 Session 3

12:10-1:00 LUNCH. Clean-up. Good-bye.


Come prepared

Small Groups with Assigned Parent or Teacher Leaders

  • Please bring 3 adult chaperones

  • Have the class divided into three even groups

  • Name the groups in farm-themed names

  • Please provide name tags for each of your students, having them color coded by group is helpful

What to Bring

  • Attire: weather-appropriate clothing, dress in layers, sturdy shoes or boots

  • Snack (lunch will be provided at Harvest Meals)

  • Water bottles

Harvest Meal Field Trip Fee

The Harvest Meal fee is $200 per class.  Some financial assistance may be available to classes in need. 

You will receive an invoice for your Harvest meal prior to your field trip date.

We accept checks payable to Rogue Valley Farm to School.

Please mail checks prior to your farm trip pre-visit to:
Rogue Valley Farm to School
PO Box 898
Ashland OR 97520

If you have any questions or concerns about your field trip, don't hesitate to contact us!