Farm to school programs
link local farms with schools.

This simple concept holds great potential as a solution to two of the major challenges facing our society: concerns about the diet and health of children and the dwindling of small farms. By purchasing locally grown products, schools are able to serve fresher produce to students, create new markets for local farms, and incorporate exciting programs that meet state education standards. Farms gain a sense of community involvement by impacting the lives of children and becoming involved in agricultural education, while benefiting from increased sales.


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Volunteer with Rogue Valley Farm to School!

Rogue Valley Farm to School is kicking off a new season of farm to school programs with our Spring Volunteer Kick-Off!

Whether you’ve volunteered with us in the past and want to get reacquainted with our programs, or are new to farm to school and want to get involved, join us on March 6th to learn about our work across the Rogue Valley

Cultivating healthy kids, environmental stewardship, farm relationships and the local economy